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Our clients have been gracious and generous in sharing their thoughts about the contribution CCS, Inc. has made to their business. Please read what they have to say.

“CCS knows the latest information about credit and collection policy and law. They represent their clients fairly yet, does not lose sight of the problems an individual may face in meeting financial obligations. They have done a good job collecting our delinquent patient accounts in the face of a very difficult economy.”

Helayne W.
Administrator for large medical group and surgery center

"I used to spend eight hours per week—sometimes 12—managing our collections activities.  This involved figuring out who was 30 days late, who was 60 days late, who had been sent a first reminder letter, who was sent a second letter, who had paid, who was ready to be referred to collections, and so on.  It was time-consuming and a drain on my resources.  Thankfully I was able to persuade my manager to outsource this work to CCS.  Now all I have to do is upload a spreadsheet to their online account and they take of the letter service and automatic referral to collections when necessary.  This has freed up a lot of my time, and I am really grateful to CCS for the professional, courteous and accurate way they handle my account.  Thank you, CCS!"

Ernest P.
Customer service supervisor of utility company

"Rodney and the staff at Credit Consulting Services, Inc. are wonderful to work with. Anytime we need help or have questions on current accounts or potential accounts we can ask and know that they will get the answer for us."

Barbara F.
Administrative Assistant, Surgery Center

"I have worked with Credit Consulting for many years. Everything is handled professionally yet I feel I am getting very personal service every time I contact them. Rodney gives me advice on how and when to use their services - what is best for our company."

John M., President/CEO
John M. Waterfowl Hatchery

“I’ve had great success working with Credit Consulting Services. CCS is a pleasure to work with, and we’ve received excellent results.”

Laura S.
Billing Manager for large dental group

"As a Medical Billing Service we have dealt with Credit Consulting Services for over 25 years.  We have been extremely satisfied with the personal service we have received and have never received a complaint about how they handle our patients in this difficult situation of collecting money."

Shelley H.
Billing Service

"I work in the collections department and we have several accounts at our company that are delinquent and I often get the best results by using letter service from Credit Consulting Services. More than half the time we get a complete turn around and it really acts as a 'warning letter' for people with past due accounts. If I am having a hard time contacting someone for past due payment, I also use letter service to help get the delinquent accounts to contact me, at times they take letter service more seriously than a collector  like myself calling them. I really find this service to be effective and will keep using it to get accounts caught up and paid in full! I highly recommend CCS’s letter service to other businesses that have either been looking for a good collection agency or to simply help in the collection process."

Kirsten A.,
Accounts Receivable Manager, Alarm Company

"We have been using CCS for over twenty years in our dental practice and have never had a complaint from our patients.  They are professional and always stay in touch regarding our accounts and whether our policies conform to law."

Dr. M.
CEO of large dental group

"It's a great comfort being able to turn our collections to CCS.  They have the expertise and resources to continue pursuit of unpaid accounts when we have hit the end of our own resources.   Thank you CCS!"

Brittany B.
Central Business Office Manager of National Rehab Centers

"Collections Made Easy - with CCS"