PPMS Training and Certification

A successful business can greatly benefit from having a framework which guides the process through which it serves its clients. In our industry, one such framework is the Professional Practices Management System™ (PPMS™), which is awarded through a program offered by the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals (ACA International). Credit Consulting Services, Inc. is proud to announce that we have has recently earned this certification!

PPMS™ is a specialized certification for accounts receivable firms that demonstrates that a business has built a manual of sound and efficient policies and procedures which results in high-level business practices and increased client satisfaction. Additionally, it is a system dedicated to having progressive internal audits, management reviews, and annual analysis of adherence to the core PPMS™ elements.

There are 18 core elements in the certification which fall under four main categories:

  • Management
  • Business practices
  • Support of practices
  • Client confidence

You can read more fully about the certification program and all 18 elements, here, however, we’d like to highlight a few.

The first major element regards management responsibility, which requires a written document meant to focus the goals of the management as well as assuring that employees have the means to achieve these goals. This document is reviewed annually in order ensure that business performance meets management policy.

Another major component of the certification is the review of client issues. This entails a formal process of determining the services needed by a client and the capacity of the business to fulfil those requirements. By adhering to this element of the certification a business can assure potential clients that they are the correct company to trust with their collections needs.

Then there is proper management of records and data, an element which assures that a system is in place to organize all records and data and make them easily accessible. With more accessible information a firm can make improvements and track accounts with much more precision. Record and data management also helps to establish a protocol for the duration for which certain information is kept before being discarded, as well as how it should be discarded, improving information security and client trust in the firm

CCS earned the PPMS™ certification with the help of our quality assurance officer Hila Safaei who was featured in an interview in the July 2018 issue of “Collector.” Safaei discusses the need to have dedication to improving quality and reducing errors in order to improve client satisfaction, as well as the way the changes to operations make problem solving much easier. Hila’s advice to other firms interested in the PPMS™ certification is that they get their whole team on board and use a team-wide calendar and scheduling software to establish milestones and deadlines which will keep the progress moving toward completion of the certification.

Learn more about how we use our PPMS™ , training to help our clients, here.

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