Customer Service – When Less May be More

Traditionally, “customer service” meant paying more attention to the consumer. However, in some cases it may actually mean paying less attention – at least from a human to human perspective. A different form of service is increasingly being requested – self-service.

At one time, customer service representatives were the primary provider of information and consumers needed to contact them as a key source for that information. Now that same information is often just a click away. Additionally, a company representative was almost always needed to complete a transaction.

Now when shopping, many consumers choose to place their own orders online versus going to a store or placing a phone order. Time of day may be a factor.  With varied working hours many consumers appreciate that they can conduct business when they want – regardless of the operating hours of the company they are dealing with. Often a consumer wants to “browse” without a company representative continually asking questions or trying to “close” the sale. Or maybe the particular situation just makes person to person interaction the less desirable option. A person may be happier handling things themselves.

Credit Consulting Services realizes that well trained customer service representatives are an important part of successful consumer relations, but that it also makes sense to provide self-service as another option for consumers needing to make or arrange payments on their own schedule.  We offer both the ability to pay online and the ability to arrange payments through our Virtual Payment Negotiator. Consumers that have had their debt assigned to us may now negotiate and/or make payments without any direct person to person contact with one of our financial counselors.

Whereas at one time self-service meant sacrificing some level of service to get a lower price (think back to the origination of pumping your own gas), now self-service may actually be the desired choice. If that’s the case for you – we’ve got you covered!

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